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Aranos: Tax (Pieros 010CD)
Tax is a record with a political theme. How much tax we all pay? Usually we think of income tax only, (which incidentally was introduced in England to pay for Napoleonic wars and was and is collected ever since). But we also pay tax on all purchases and services. It is a lot of money and proportion of it goes on war. More in some countries, less in others. In global economy we all pay for all the wars everywhere.
Example: Parts of this computer were made in China, by giving Chinese government some of my money I also pay for weapons that Burmese government uses to brutalise it’s population.
Now what is war? Bunch of people dressed in costumes (uniforms) killing another bunch of people dressed in different costumes. These costumes enable them to behave in a fashion that would be considered criminal under different circumstances. The military costume wearers do not know anything about the other costume wearers; some of them might be perfectly nice people. But they wear different clothes so "KILL THEM!" Insane or what? And my (and your) tax is paying for this.
In concept the record is fairly original in that it treats one theme and it’s aspects, an oratorio on the theme "lament about human stupidity".
What can we do? I do not know, Maybe we can start thinking about demanding different approach by our leaders; after all it is our money.

Gypsy Zen
Aranos (pronounced aranyosh) was born in Bohemia (now a part of Czech Republic). Performed as a singer and instrumentalist since the age of 8 in folk ensembles, jazz bands, rock groups, gypsy bands, ceilidh bands and as a solo artist in mainland Europe Britain and Ireland.
Written for and and performed in dissident theatres in former Czechoslovakia.
Aranos sings and plays violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, guitars, mandolin, piano, keyboards, banjo, Chinese and Japanese flutes, santoor, drums, percussion etc.
Aranos recorded Traditional Irish, East European, gypsy and folk albums and CDs. Recently concentrating on experimental electroacoustic music recorded mostly in his own studio and released in Great Britain and France, USA, Austria, Australia, Ireland, Italy
Aranos has written and recorded soundtracks to film, video, theatre and multimedia productions. Co-operates on regular basis with award winning writer and poet Max Hafler, legendary producer Steven Stapleton, Nurse With Wound, David Tibet and Current ’93, Volcano tha Bear and others. In 1999 set up his own recording label Pieros.
Since 1998 involved in Carol Langstaff's dance company Flock, as a dancer as well as a composer.

Discography: Making Love in Small Spaces (Pieros 001)
Acts of Senseless Beauty (Nurse With Wound-Aranos,United Diaries UD 1000 CD)
Transfixiatio (Noise museuM)
Every Bright Body Gleams Green (Noise museuM NH 0735)
Swinging Reflective (NWW Collaborations)
Santoor Lena Bicycle (collaboration with NWW)
Trees are Life
magnificent! magnificent! no one knows the final word ( Pieros 002CD)
Whilst Your Gaiety Melts (10" vinyl on beta lactam records)
Sunlight Reaches Spring Rock / One Live Duck Budges Surf (single on Klang Galerie)
Bleeding in Behind Pastel Screens (collaboration with Art Rosenau and Jon Mueller)
Brain on the Wire (Compilation)
Bering Sea
No Religion (7" vinyl)
And Soon Coffin Sings
Live in Galway (DVD)
Banished in Spattered Relish
Mother of Moons Bathing (Soleilmoon Records)

In live shows Aranos plays violin and sings with a backing he recorded himself.

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