Released in 1997, "Dream of the Serpent Dog" received high praise from critics around the world and established Clint Hoover's reputation as a leading figure playing jazz on the chromatic harp. It is the first and only collaborative effort by Bobby E., Clint Hoover and Jim Chenoweth and demonstrates their tasteful musicianship, subtle group interplay, and distinctive writing skills (all three wrote compositions for the record.) All the tunes except one ("Snake oil",) are played by Clint on the 64 chromatic and "Snake Oil" shows that Hoover has not ignored the innovations of the Howard Levy school of diatonic jazz playing. This unique CD takes you on a genre bending, eclectic journey of acoustic jazz styles and displays Clint Hoover's playing (esecially on the chromatic) and writing skills at his very best.

"...exceedingly hip combo...the blend they create is most exquisite."

-Jim Ohlschmidt, Acoustic Guitar

" 'Dream of the Serpent Dog' is exotic, swinging, warm and resonant. All three write beautiful, engaging themes."

-Tom Surowicz, Minneapolis star and Tribune

"The compositions are beautiful, the solos interesting (especially those of Clint Hoover's harmonica), and the arrangements and recording are just right."

-JRB, Dirty Linen

"Ever since I have received this album it visits my CD player at least once a week. It is at the same time easy to get into and full of surprises. I can only encourage you to get it as fast as you can: for the love of jazz, of harmonica, or just beautiful music..."

-Benoit Felten, Planet Harmonica

"What a delightfully different group making delightfully different music...lovely, swinging and infectious..."

-Bob Protzman, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Each number on this record conjures up very distinctive imagery. The music is flawlessly executed...The interplay between these fine musicians is a treat."

Bill Hunneke, Harmonica Happenings

"...a very atmospheric, vibrant album...'Dream of the Serpent Dog' is a very refreshing chapter in modern jazz."

-David Lipkind, The Harmonica Educator

"...a knockout jazz CD..."

-Phil Lloyd, American Harmonica Newsmagazine

"Brilliant compositions...great playing!"

-Dale King, Harmonica Player Magazine, Germany

  • Modèle : Bobby E., Clint Hoover, Jim Chen
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