Down By the Water

Announcing the release of Wammie Nominee 2nd Story Band's new CD entitled "Blue Shades - World Beat Blues Fiesta". The new "album" relects the diversity, creativity and soulfulness for which the Band is known. Not strictly blues, it also contains world beat rock ("Down by the Water" - track #1), bluesey funk ("Dirty Mother" - track #3), bluesey Irish - country waltz ("Tom Bigby" - track #7), and West African Highlife ("Cesar Rules" - track #8).

Co-founders of the 2nd Story Band, Meagan Lane and Geoff deMers, have been singing and performing together in the Metro DC area since 1976. Over the years and in their many musical incarnations - folk, blues and swing, Irish, Celtic, country, FM pop cover tunes, alternative rock, funk, West African, Latin and Caribbean - Meagan and Geoff have allowed their multi-cultural musical associations to influence every aspect of their art. In fact, the unique 2nd Story Band sound is a direct product of the influence of the music scene embedded deeply in the
cultural diversity of the Washington, DC area! As an example: In 1990 Meagan and Geoff formed a West
African band - Hedzoleh Story - in collaboration with Amartey Larea, a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter from Ghana, West Africa, whom they had met at a concert sponsored by the "House of Musical Traditions". Their shows included performances at the Smithsonian Museum of African Art and Harmony Hall Regional Arts Center during
African History Month. Meagan and Geoff haven't heard music in the same way ever again. But for some reason audiences in the DC area are always surprised when they learn that the Band is local, not from out of town!
The 2nd Story Band's performances grow out of a love for spontaneity - some tracks on the "Blue Shades" CD were recorded live in 2001 at Walton Recording in Fairfax, VA.- and yet the arrangements are tight and well crafted. At outdoor and larger concerts children (of all ages) rush toward the stage and dance to the infectious grooves. And as a part of the stage show the Band features authentic and colorful West African Dancers and percussion blended in
with the funky blues style ... hence - World Beat Blues.
Some of DC's finest musicians, in addition to the regular Band members, are featured on "Blue Shades", including Chris Vadala playing saxophone and flute, Henning Hoehne on Clarinet, Peter Bonta on keyboards, Dan Cassidy(brother of Eva Cassidy) playing violin and native born Brazilian percussionist Alejandro Lucini (of "Origem")
adding to the layers and the depth of listening pleasure.
This CD and 2nd Story Band definitely deserve to be heard!

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