Chacarera del Fuego

* Para mi sombra: one of the five best albums or Argentinean folklore of 2003 (Rolling Stone magazine, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

* "Nothing here is hackneyed or similar to what you have heard before" (Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar magazine, July 2003).

* "Rojo's music is very enjoyable, intelligently written and has combinations of folk, jazz, classical and flamenco elements. (Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine, UK, May 2002)

* "Virtuosity and genuine folklore" (Ambito Financiero, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2003)

* "Para mi sombra is an album that defines the folkloric genre" (Revista Veintitrés, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2003)

* "The exquisite Alberto Rojo" (René Vargas Vera, La Nación, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

* "An extraordinary singer and guitarist "(Diario Río Negro, Río Negro, Argentina,2003)

Alberto Rojo was born in Tucumán, Argentina. He started playing the piano at the age of six and picked up the guitar as a teenager. He studied at the Conservatorio Provincial de Música in Tucumán and later won a scholarship to study guitar with Eduardo Frasson in the Camping Musical Bariloche. From 1980 to 1982 created played with Gaudeamus, a band with a medieval and renaissance music repertoire. In 1982 decided to study Physics and moved to Bariloche. From then on he alternated his creative interest between music and science. He earned a Ph.D. in Physics in 1990 and moved to the United States. He was a researcher at the University of Chicago and Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan. During that period he also intensively practiced the guitar and wrote pieces that were later performed by (among others) Víctor Villadangos, Dorian recording artist Berta Rojas and Carmina Cannavino and are part of the curricula of Latin American music schools.

He participated in several guitar festivals and in 1999 the Argentinean label Epsa Music released De Visita, his first solo album.

In 2002, Argentinean label Acqua Records released Para mi sombra, his second album, focusing on an Argentinean folkloric repertorie, produced by former Pat Metheny vocalist Pedro Aznar and with Argentinean rock idol Charly García as a musical guest. The album received raving reviews in Argentina and was chosen as one of the best five folkloric albums of 2003 by Rolling Stone magazine of Argentina. The song "Chacarera del Fuego" from the album was selected to be part of the upcoming album A Rough Guide to the Music of Argentina from the English label World Music Network.

In April 2002 Rojo was invited by the legendary singer Mercedes Sosa to participate in her concert at Massey Hall in Toronto and later repeated the invitation in Teatro el Círculo in Rosario, Argentina. Sosa has publicly praised Rojo's exquisite songwriting and has included several of Rojo's songs in her repertoire.

His solo guitar pieces are published by Lathkill Music Publishers, United Kingdom.

Rojo currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is Associate Professor of Physics at Oakland University.

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