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Afenginn [a´fengin:](Oldnorse) intoxicate, strength.

About Afenginn:
Afenginn is a Danish five-piece orchestra playing original ?folkmusic á la devil-may-care?. The music is a hotchpotch of different styles, containing odd meters, wildness, energy and catchy melodies, but also moments of meditation and melancholy.

The music:
The musical universe of Afenginn is an exciting meeting between the slavic Eastern Europe, odd time signatures, balkan-beats, crazy polkas, nordic landscapes and an uncontrollable desire to let the genres flirt with each other. The orchestra is therefore often balancing between the classically composed and the more improvisational, inspired from jazz.

Afenginn live:
The concerts are characterized by great energy and sheer madness, which together with an intensive and spell-bindning stageperformance makes an Afenginn show a big experience, both for a young and old, dancing or listening audience.

Short bio:
Afenginn has existed since 2002 and been touring actively in the Northern Europe in the last two years. In October 2004 they released their debut-album Retrograd, which has got great reviews. During the past couple of years, Afenginn has obtained quite large attention due to their high-energetic, humoristic and virtuous bastard-ethno music, which can be traced back to the dark suburbs of Retrograd ? or a place nearby...

The energy and humor from the live shows have been fully captured on the album ?Retrograd?. This is achieved by doing ?live? recording in the studio together with great guest musicians. Except for the five gentlemen on ? respectively - violin, clarinet, mandolin, bass and drums, also accordion, brass quartet, string quartet, ?garbage-o-phone? and xylophone can be heard. The music on ?Retrograd? spans from up-tempo power-humppa, over classical soundings to sophisticated sounds of trash.

DR Kulturnyt (Danish national radio):
??New phenomena on the folk music scene?.

Gaffa (Danish music magazine):
?? The musical conduct bears the impression of a huge musical reserve and breadth of view...?

Odense Folk Festival:
??High octane kick-ass party music?? ??Afenginn´s concert was a roaring success?.

Soundvenue.com (concert review):
??Besides the thoroughly arranged tunes Afenginn also offers five competent musicians who really knows how to convey the happiness (sometimes sadness) and intensity that inhibits folk music everywhere, so I can do nothing but recommend this energetic and capable orchestra to everyone ? even to the people who doesn?t normally listen to folk music.?

All tunes are original compositions written and arranged by Kim Nyberg.

Afenginn is:
Rasmus Krøyer ? clarinet, bass clarinet
Niels Skovmand ? violin
Kim Nyberg ? mandolin
Andrzej Krejniuk ? bass
Rune Kofoed ? drums, percussion

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