Born in Kinshasa, Congo, Jimmy Omonga taught himself guitar, sang in a church choir, wrote his first songs at sixteen and formed a band that played all the clubs in Kinshasa.

In 1995 Jimmy moved to Luanda, Angola. Two years later he set up a new group in Cape Town. Where for the first time he combined his Congolese Afro-pop with the sophisticated South African choir tradition. It astonished everybody and it became Omonga's trademark.

In 2007 two of his songs were released on a sample-CD during the international Womex Music Fair in Seville, Spain.

A few months later Omonga was elected ‘Newcomer of the Year 2008’ by MWA (Music of the World Award) in the Westerpark Amsterdam. His election was the sensation as it was for the first time an artist had won this prize without having an album on the market. After the election Jimmy flew back to finish the recording of his debut album Destin.

Jimmy Omonga’s debut album 'Destin' (HIP009) was recorded in the Paris Studios in Fishoek, South Africa and produced by Junior Kisangwa. Including the backing vocals of Reine Makaya, Mermans Mosengo, Christian B. Amba, Junior Kisangwa, and Christian Eboko. All songs written by Jimmy Omonga.

The album really brings out the essence of singer-songwriter Jimmy Omonga: the new star who combines the Congolese ballad with the great South African choir tradition.

So one good thing about music... those guys can be proud. They made one of the finest African albums in years. Destin for sure is a jewel in the musical crown of Congo, South Africa and the world.

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