Despite a lack of serious musicianship and a complete absence of string players in the family, at the tender age of four Ben declared, “But what I really want is a violin!” And when Alfie clapped eyes on his first mini-bass his reaction was immediate: “That’s what I want!”

Since then the brothers have built up a repertoire that touches on ‘folk’, ‘world’, ‘classical’ and ‘jazz’ genres. Their own compositions are an eclectic blend of styles, giving their music a “hard to define” quality.

Having spent two years as DfES-funded Specialist Musicians, their technical competence belies their years and they have been lucky enough to study with internationally renowned musicians (eg Chris Wood - English Acoustic Collective, Aidan Broadbridge - Assembly Players, Riaan Vosloo – Andy Hague Jazz Band). However, what makes them really special is the creative naivety that gives their work its experimental freedom.

The duo have performed at music festivals, including Sidmouth, Trowbridge and Tribe of Doris, have given concerts in schools in Somerset and Devon and held solo concerts as far afield as Gothenburg. They have created and performed music for weddings, anniversaries, funerals, memorials and theatrical productions.

It is rare enough to find such young performers holding an audience for an hour-plus with their original music but Ben and Alfie present themselves with an unpretentious confidence that will make you smile and even laugh.

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